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Quotes from School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy

Heather Wolfe - 4/2/2019 11:36:00 AM

I just finished reading School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy by Peter M. Dewitt.  Now, I do love to read and I do love to learn, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I do recommend it as a MUST READ for all principals.  At the very least, read my blog and then read Chapter 1 with the link.

In the introduction, Dewitt states, "but one year under bad leadership, whether it comes from insecurity or unpreparedness, can destroy the self-efficacy of some of the most positive teachers.  Other times, teachers find their leaders within because they know that schools, students, and teachers deserve better than they are getting."

Chapter 1 defines collaborative leadership.  Dewitt tells leaders to build teacher self-efficacy by providing supports to teachers - both material and immaterial, by constructing the teacher's goals together, and by giving frequent feedback to the teacher.  He tells leaders to build teacher collective efficacy by supporting collaborative inquiry, by providing teaming time, by turning staff meetings into problems of practice, and by providing co-teaching and mentoring.  Finally, collaborative leadership is built by sharing a vision, by empowering staff, and by supporting teaching and learning.

collaborative leadership frameworkDewitt explains this framework well when he states, "It's very possible to be collaborative in the areas we like to focus on, a bystander in those areas we dislike, a regulator when it comes to protocols, and a negotiator when we really want to get what we want."

Even better, Dewitt provides a Collaborative Leadership Rubric for principals.  The rubric areas are: school climate, instructional leadership, professional development, feedback,collective teacher efficacy, assessment-capable learners, and family engagement.

All of Chapter 1, including the Framework and the Rubric, can be read here.  Take a few minutes for your growth as an administrator and read it NOW!