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Does the name really matter? Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) Reboot

Heather Wolfe - 8/27/2018 2:54:15 PM

Have you heard the rumor that the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is going to be a bit different this year?  It’s not a rumor! The update has been called a lot of things - OIP 3.0, OIP Update, The New OIP, OIP Evolved, but the official name is OIP Reboot.

5 Step Reboot

Why a reboot?  We’ve learned a great many things about school improvement since the inception of the OIP and the  5 step process. We’ve learned that compliance doesn’t help schools get better. We’ve learned that districts need one focused plan, administrators need support, and that teachers need quality professional development.  We’ve also learned that school improvement is messy, but, with the right setup, it can be effective in improving teacher instruction and student outcomes. All of these and more have evolved the Process.

How will the reboot affect school improvement?  The rebooted OIP contains a 5 step process that aligns with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) guidance on using evidence to strengthen education investments (Read more about it here: ).  


The reboot updates the 5 Step Process, updates the general understanding of each Step, and provides additional resources and tools for implementation.  The biggest change with the 5 Step Process is that Step 2 allows time for teams to research evidence-based practices. The biggest change for the DLT/BLT is that Stages no longer exist; all teams complete the 5 Step Process.

What should I do to learn more?  Come to one of our trainings in October!  For more information on the trainings, check out the PD Calendar or the PD Booklet on our website



Great Post! on 9/7/2018 4:57:39 PM

Great post!