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Message from the Director

Last Updated: 11/25/2020 12:51 PM

As defined by the grant under which we operate, State Support Team 16 provides support and technical assistance in the areas of school improvement, special education, early learning and school readiness, and literacy to 24 school districts, seven county boards of developmental disabilities, four career technical centers, and many early childhood providers within an eight-county region. All of our supports are free.

Our work, which varies based on school district need and federal designation, ranges from universal to targeted to intensive support. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that school districts get the support and assistance they need to prepare every student with foundation skills, reasoning skills, and social-emotional skills through equitable access to well-rounded content[1]. We are guided by the following three areas of practice:




Our mission is to:

1. Ensure a positive state/regional relationship between SST 16 and those we support;
2. Enable positive behavior change within ourselves and within the administrators and educators throughout the region; and
3. Facilitate professional and impactful professional learning opportunities for all.


Please look at our website and reach out to any one of our consultants for assistance. We are eager to help and look forward to supporting you!



[1] This description is taken from the SSoS/Foundations Document 2.0/August 2019


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