Alert: Franklin B. Walter and R.A. Horn Nominations Due April 14, 2017 For more information please read News Article Below
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Our Mission:  The Mission of the State Support Team Region 16 is to build the capacity of local and related education agencies to engage in systemic and sustainable improvement that impacts educational outcomes for students.

Brain Injury Awareness Day!

Brain injuries are one of the leading causes of death and disabilities among children and adolescents in the United States. 

Expect Success Day 4 Rescheduled

Expect Success Day 4 has been rescheduled for April 3, 2017.

For more information call 740-797-0150.

On-line Training Program in Deafblindness

The attached flyer provides information for any intervention specialist, paraprofessional or related services provider who would like to improve his/her communication and instructional skills when working with students with combined hearing and vision loss.  Utah State University offers on-line intervener preparation leading to a national credential.  Training includes two 4-credit on-line classes (one class per semester).


R.A. Horn and Franklin B. Walter Award Applications

Nomination Form due to Lisa Bonner, Lead Special Education Consultant, SST 16, by April 14, 2017.
Please email nomination form to:
Or mail nomination form to:
Lisa Bonner
SST Region 16
P.O. Box 39
Chauncey, Ohio 45719

If you have questions please email or call 740-797-0150.

An award will be given at the luncheon on June 14, 2017, (11:00-2:00) at the VillaMilano in Columbus.  The honoree’s achievement will be read when they are called forward to receive the award.  Pictures will also be taken during the banquet, which will be mailed to them with the script that was read at the banquet.

Math Constructed Response Items

Last year, there were no constructed response items on the math tests, only multiple choice type items. When I asked the math content development team last year about spell check, they told me there was no reason to have the spell check tool on math tests because there weren’t any items that required it. So, this year, when we updated the accessibility manual, we included that spell check is not available for math (or ELA).

However, this year math items have been added to the tests that are constructed response. For those constructed response items spell check is available. Somehow, I missed that memo. Once I found out, we did update the accessibility manual and it now does say that spell check is available for some math items (i.e. for constructed response items).

Specifically, the manual now states:


This feature allows the student to check the spelling of words in student-generated responses.


Spellcheck is available only for some mathematics, science and social studies items that require a student to write/type a response. Unlike some word processing programs, the Student Testing Site does not automatically highlight misspelled words as the student types. Students must click the ABC button to check spelling. Spellcheck is not allowed on the English language arts tests.

It's worth noting that spelling does not count against the student for those tests where spell check is available.


PBIS Application for Recognition

Apply for recognition for PBIS implementation

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